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Satellite Broadcast Services


Satellite Broadcast Services

Supply, installation and service support for radio and television broadcast, including equipment, transmission and media broadcast facility implementation.

Our Offerings include:

  • Connectivity and broadcasting solutions throughout the world
  • Connectivity to all major broadcasters and production houses
  • FTP Solutions
  • Web Streaming Solutions
  • Radio and Television Outside Broadcast Vehicle builds
  • Studio Installations
  • Terrestrial transmitter networks
  • Complete Satellite DTH Systems

FTA satellite TV and radio services through a global satellite network, enabling worldwide channel visibility. With Wide coverage Network for our clients.

Our satellite networks provide a global communications network to broadcast audio and visual content direct to home, studios or cable headends across every continent.

• 7WA
@ 7° WEST
• 8WB
@ 8° WEST
• 7B
@ 7° EAST
• Hotbird
@ 13° EAST
• IS20
@ 68.5° EAST
• Optus D2
@ 152° EAST
• Galaxy 19
@ 97° WEST


Selecting the right satellite for your channel is a vital in your commercial success. We work with large multi-region channels delivering the highest quality service. We develop long lasting positive relationships with our customers and help them penetrate existing and emerging markets.
We have experience working with start-up channels and in successfully expanding existing channels into new markets.

Broadcast live with Us

Nothing beats the excitement of broadcasting live to your audience. We have the perfect solution for live broadcasting, whether via satellite or via a stable internet connection.

We can supply you with all of the necessary equipment to ensure that your live broadcast runs as smoothly as possible. We have technical and engineering staff available 24/7 to assist with your setup and answer any questions you might have.

Cost-effective services to suit your budget

We offer satellite capacity for contribution services which are invaluable to our customers for activities such as:
• Backhauling material from studios for redistribution
• Satellite transmission from outside broadcasts
• Overcoming the ‘first-mile’ connectivity gaps in remote or rural areas
These contribution services are available on most KU or C Band satellite capacities and are available either by satellite from our teleports or by fibre.



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